Business Office

The Business Office is located in the Jr.-Sr. High School and is responsible for managing the financial resources needed to support the District’s educational mission.

Chief Financial Officer

The district’s chief financial officer, Stacie McNabb, is responsible for accounting, auditing, benefits coordination, budgeting, capital projects management, contract negotiations, payroll, purchasing, insurance, investments, and records management.

Business Office Staff

Jackson Street Parking – Time Restrictions

The Village has reminded us that parking across the street from the school on Jackson Street is not permitted during the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. when school is in session. Please remember to use the parking areas at the Elementary School.

Tax Form – Requires #681

New York State Income Tax forms include a space in which taxpayers record their school district of residence. Weedsport residents should write in the number “681” in the space provided on the income tax form to indicate that they live within the Weedsport School District boundaries. Residents insure that the Weedsport District will receive the correct amount of state funding by filling in the space as some aid formulas consider population.

This information applies even if:

  • You had no children attending school
  • You lived in Weedsport part of the year
  • Your child did not attend the Weedsport schools

Freedom of Information Law

For access to Weedsport’s records under the NYS Freedom of Information Law, please contact the Stacie McNabb in the Business Office. 

Requests should state that information is being sought under the Freedom of Information Law and provide a brief description of the public records requested. Please be as specific as possible (i.e. relevant dates, names, descriptions, etc.).

The district will acknowledge receipt of any FOIL requests within five business days. The nature of the request will determine how quickly the information can be provided.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in all buildings, facilities, and motor vehicles of the Weedsport Central School District at all times. Smoking is also prohibited on the grounds and property of the Weedsport Central School District during all school and community related activities (e.g. football games). We appreciate your cooperation in following this school policy.