Athletics Handbook


I Introduction
III. Rules
IV. Uniforms and equipment
V. Injuries, treatment, and insurance
VI. Athletic teams
VII. Seasonal start dates


Welcome to the Weedsport Warriors’ interscholastic athletic program. This handbook has been prepared as a reference for our student-athletes and their parents/guardians in an effort to define responsibilities and expectations as they pertain to the rules and regulations as well as the guidelines for participation in our interscholastic athletic programs. In addition to the information presented within, individual coaches may hand out information specific to their sports program.

The athletic program at Weedsport Central School District is made available to all students and it is an optional program in which any student is free to participate provided good academic and behavioral standing. In choosing to participate, the student-athlete agrees to make the sacrifices necessary for successful participation. The student-athlete is expected to display high standards of behavior at all times both on and off the areas of competition. It requires hard work and dedication to be a student-athlete and only through this type of devotion can the student-athlete realize his/her full potential as an athlete and as a complete individual. Student-athletes who participate in interscholastic activities should recognize that they have an obligation to themselves, their co-participants, and the school community to strive for excellence.

It is the District’s aim that through participation in the athletic program at Weedsport Central School District the student-athlete will value their learning experiences, be instilled with a sense of self-discipline and self-control, and exercise mature behavior and judgment. Any Weedsport student-athlete involved in the athletic program is a representative of Weedsport Central School District and the Weedsport community. Accordingly, their behavior and actions should reflect positively, without fail, on our institution and the community that supports it.

It is expected that all participants and the parents/guardians of the participants in the Weedsport Central School District athletic program will read this publication thoroughly and adhere to its tenets. It is important that the student-athletes and their parents/guardians read the handbook on an annual basis to fully acquaint themselves with the rules governing the athletic program at Weedsport Central School District. By doing so, this will bring all of the stakeholders closer to achieving the ultimate goal of operating a well-organized program of interscholastic athletics.

Participation in athletics is a privilege and an honor that provides an opportunity for developing life-long skills not always available in the academic classroom. It is with sincere hope that all those who participate in the Weedsport Warriors’ athletic program may experience interscholastic competition at a level that the experience is rewarding and infinitely fulfilling.

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To be eligible to participate in the Weedsport Central School District athletic program conformance to the regulations as dictated by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) and the following is required.

  1. The student-athlete must be a bonafide student meaning that the participant must be taking at least four subjects plus physical education or attend an approved BOCES program plus take physical education and be in regular attendance. The established standards for attendance are 80% attendance and 90% non-tardiness.
  2. For participation at the high school level (grades 9 – 12), the student-athlete must be between their 14th and 19th birthday (NOT nineteen (19) before July 1st of that year) or be approved under the Athletic Placement Process for exceptional athletes (see II-B).
  3. The student-athlete must have parental and school physician approval. The school physician is the final authority in determining the physical readiness for athletic eligibility.
  4. The student/athlete would be eligible if he/she was enrolled during the first fifteen (15) days of the semester and have been granted Section III approval.
  5. The student-athlete would be eligible two weeks after transferring from another school and have been granted Section III approval.
  6. The student-athlete would be eligible for eight (8) consecutive semesters beginning with the semester in which he/she entered grade 9.
  7. The student-athlete would be eligible for only four seasons in any one sport although select student-athletes who are classified as exceptional athletes through the Athletic Placement Process may be eligible for more.
  8. The student-athlete must not have violated the all-star contest rule.
  9. The student-athlete must be an amateur having never used their athletic skill for gain and have never competed under an assumed name.
  10. The student-athlete must not have played or practiced with a college team.


The Athletic Placement Process allows a 7th or 8th grade student to participate on the Varsity or Junior Varsity level as an “exceptional athlete” who have demonstrated that they are exceptionally skilled in the sport and can perform consistently at an advanced level. Prior to participation, approval from the Athletic Director, the school physician, the principal, the coach, and the student-athlete’s parent/guardian is necessary. Also the student-athlete must pass all phases of the appropriate Athletic Placement Process screening tests developed by NYSED. This procedure is necessary for each sports season if the student-athlete qualifies as an “exceptional athlete” in more than one sport.


  1.  The student-athlete must pass a physical examination by the school physician before practicing. As an alternative, the student-athlete must pass a physical examination by a self-selected licensed medical provider and submit the Family Physician Form in accordance with the established deadline. In such instances, prior to the student-athlete practicing, the school physician must also approve the licensed medical provider’s physical examination as required by New York State Law.
  2. In advance of practicing, the student-athlete must submit electronically an Athletic Permission Form signed by the student/athlete and their parent/guardian. This document indicates an understanding of the terms under which the student-athlete will be participating and allows for the attestation of the student-athlete’s parent/guardian’s permission to compete.
  3. Before practicing, the student-athlete must submit electronically a fully completed Sports Participation Health Report signed by the student-athlete and their parent/guardian.
  4. Prior to practicing, the student-athlete must submit electronically a fully completed Emergency Information Card which is to be signed by the student-athlete’s parent/guardian. Please note, an updated Emergency Information Card is required at the beginning of each sports season.
  5. Before practicing, the student-athlete must submit the signed form Agreement with Coach’s Rules indicating an understanding of the coach’s rules and a pledge to abide by such. This document requires parent/guardian signature as well.
  6. All necessary paperwork – Athletic Permission Form, Sports Participation Health Report, Agreement with Coach’s Rules, and Emergency Information Card – must be properly completed and returned by the designated deadline or the student-athlete will not be allowed to participate during the first designated practice and possibly beyond pending the timeliness of the submission of the necessary paperwork.


Weedsport Central School District encourages participation in interscholastic athletics but also affirms that attaining acceptable academic standards is a student-athlete’s primary responsibility. To be eligible to participate in the Weedsport Central School District athletic program student-athletes must achieve satisfactory academic status. An inability to maintain a satisfactory academic status would result in the student-athlete being classified as being either on probation or ineligible to participate.

  1. PROBATION: The first time a student-athlete fails two or more courses during a five-week marking period, the student-athlete is declared to be on probation. A high school student-athlete on probation, who is participating in the athletic program, is strongly encouraged to stay with a teacher during tenth period for academic support during the respective five week reporting period. A 7th or 8th grade student-athlete on probation, who is participating in the athletic program, is expected to stay for academic support in accordance with the regulations prescribed in the handbook for the 7th and 8th grade student-athletes.
  2. INELIGIBLE: Student-athletes are considered ineligible and may not participate in any sport when they have failed two or more classes for the second consecutive reporting period (i.e. 10 consecutive weeks) at any point during the academic year. Student-athletes who are deemed academically ineligible during a season may not participate in athletics for the remainder of that sports season.


Because of the importance of physical education, all student-athletes will be required to participate in physical education throughout the year. Student-athletes who are illegally absent from or do not participate in physical education classes may not be permitted to attend practices or contests on the day of the absence.


Foreign exchange student-athletes are eligible for participation for one year if the student-athlete is enrolled in an approved Council of Standards for International Educational Travel) CSIET program, has not graduated from the school system in their home country, has not reached the age of 19 prior to July 1st, there is no evidence of placement for athletic purposes, and the host family is not the Athletic Director or a member of the District coaching staff.


Weedsport Central School District conforms to the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education and adheres to the guidelines for mixed competition as set forth by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) which governs the interscholastic competition involving members of both sexes on a single school team. Any inquiries made in this regard should be directed to the Athletic Director.


Since squad members are representing the Weedsport Central School District, each coach will stress the importance of appearance at all practices and contests. Each coach may establish their guidelines regarding dress code for the day of and prior to the contest and for all practices and contests.

No jewelry, which includes visible body piercing objects, shall be worn in any sport. Any piece of jewelry that is visible at the start of or during a contest is in violation of the NYSPHSSA jewelry rule. Religious medals must be taped to the body and under the uniform. Medical alerts must be taped to the body with the emblem visible.


Once a student-athlete has been placed on a team roster, it is expected that the student-athlete has made a commitment to that team for that full season. An individual student-athlete who attempts to participate in too many activities will undoubtedly be in a position of a conflict of obligations. Weedsport Central School District recognizes that each student should have the opportunity for a broad range of experiences in school activities and, to this end, will attempt to schedule events in a manner so as to minimize conflict. The student-athletes and parent/guardians must realize that many times schedules cannot be changed because of the league or section regulations or facility usage. Student-athletes have a responsibility to do everything they can to avoid continuous conflicts. This would include being cautious about belonging to too many activities, including employment, where conflicts are bound to happen. Additionally, student-athletes should notify a coach immediately when they become aware of knowledge of a conflict rather than waiting. Ultimately, each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

In an effort to minimize conflicts for student-athletes as well as avoiding injury and not disrupting the in-season sports program, Varsity student-athletes are not permitted to participate in school sponsored, out-of-season, sport specific activities during the season in which they are participating in an interscholastic sport.


All student-athletes will ride to and from all athletic contests on transportation approved and provided by the District. A student-athlete may ride home with his/her parents/guardians with the approval of the coach provided that written documentation indicating such is provided to the coach. In extenuating circumstances, permission for a student-athlete to leave with any other family member other than the parent/guardian must be arranged in advance with the coach with written documentation provided from the parent/guardian. Permission for a student-athlete to leave with any other individual will not be given. In special cases, parents/guardians may request and be granted the opportunity to provide transportation to a contest for their child only.


When school is closed or home events cancelled due to inclement weather, all practices and contests for that day are cancelled.


Student-athletes at the Varsity level must finish the season in good standing to be eligible for a letter. A student-athlete unable to complete a season due to injury, illness or other such circumstances may earn a letter if the coach feels it is justified. Letters are distributed as follows:

First Year: Varsity Letter, Pin, and Certificate
Second Year: Pin and Certificate
Third Year and Beyond: Pin and Certificate

Each student-athlete will be awarded one (1) Varsity letter. If a student-athlete previously earned a Varsity letter, only a pin and certificate will be awarded for the first time in that sport.

Additionally, Captain’s Pins will be awarded when earned.


Weedsport Central School District is fortunate to have scholarships that are to be distributed to deserving, graduating senior student-athletes who have participated in select sports programs. Presently, the following scholarships are awarded.

National Football Foundation Scholarship: Presented to a graduating senior football player honoring the student-athlete as a scholar and citizen as well as in recognition of their playing performance.

John “Prof” Skvorak Sports Scholarship: This scholarship is given to a deserving senior athlete who is a person of good moral and ethical character, has attained a cumulative grade point average of 80, and intends to attend an institute of higher learning or a trade school.

Weedsport Sports Booster Club Scholarship: Presented to a graduating senior boy and girl accepted at a college and needing financial support who excelled on the field of play demonstrating ability, good sportsmanship, positive attitude, and a desire to excel.

Gary Griffin Scholarship: Presented to a student-athlete whose dedication to the sport of swimming and diving has gone beyond the typical swim season. This student-athlete demonstrates such qualities as leadership, volunteer work, extra-curricular involvement, honesty, respect, and dependability.

Mike Guzewicz Varsity Swimming Award: Presented to a graduating senior who as a member of the Varsity swimming and diving team displayed dedication, loyalty, and perseverance.


The Weedsport Central School District, in collaboration with the Weedsport Sports Booster Club, holds its annual athletic awards ceremony at the end of the school year. All lettering student-athletes in the Varsity program that are eligible to attend are strongly encouraged to be in attendance for the event.

During the event, teams and their participants will be recognized by their coaches and the coaches will further recognize the team’s Most Valuable Player (MVP). Additional awards that are presented at that event are:

Three Sport Athlete Award: Presented to Varsity student-athletes who lettered in three (3) sports during the scholastic year.

Gary Lidster Sportsmanship Award: Presented to a graduating senior boy and girl who exhibited outstanding sportsmanship through team play and a positive attitude.

Ken Graham Memorial Football Award: Presented to the outstanding senior football player who will be pursuing a college degree.

Anthony Rakowski Warrior Award: Presented to the field hockey player who has contributed the most to the Varsity field hockey program through hard work, good character, dedication, perseverance and self-sacrifice.

Most Outstanding Senior Athlete Award: Presented to a graduating senior boy and girl who have excelled as student-athletes throughout their athletic careers at Weedsport.

Senior Plaques: Presented to the graduating seniors who have received at least two (2) Varsity letters in their high school careers and lettered in their senior year of high school.

Paul Maltese Memorial Award: Presented to the graduating senior who was the most dedicated Cross Country Runner. 

Allen Weller Award: Presented to the most outstanding runner who participated in both track and cross country.

Warrior Student-Athlete Award: Presented to a graduating senior who participated in at least 2 different Varsity sports’ seasons during either their junior and senior years and was named the Valedictorian or Salutatorian.


If a student-athlete is planning to enroll in college as a freshman and wants to participate in intercollegiate athletics at the Division I or Division II level, the student-athlete must be certified by the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. The best time for a student-athlete to register is following their junior year of high school. Applications may be obtained in the Counseling Office. For more information, a student-athlete may contact the Athletic Director, call the NCAA hotline at 1-800-638-3731, or visit the website

Page 10 RULES


Any student-athlete who considers leaving a team is encouraged to first talk with the respective coach and communicate their concerns and/or reasons for leaving the team. The decision to leave a team may result in the student-athlete not being permitted to attend the contests for that sport, at any level, from which they withdrew. A determination about being permitted to attend will occur only after the student-athlete meets with the Athletic Director and/or the Building Principal who will make the final decision.


During the course of an athletic career, student-athletes and/or parents/guardians may have questions or concerns that need to be discussed. A process has been established to ensure that everyone is included in the communication loop. The student-athlete begins the process by talking to the coach. The protocol is as follows:

1. Coach
2. Athletic Director
3. Building Principal
4. Superintendent of Schools
5. Board of Education

Please be advised that anonymous concerns will not be addressed.

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Every student-athlete participating in interscholastic athletics from grades 7 through 12 must adhere to these rules if they wish to participate in the athletic program.

  1. SMOKING: Student-athletes are not to use or possess tobacco products, including electronic cigarette products (a.k.a. vapes), privately or publicly while members of a school sports team.
  2. ALCOHOL: Student-athletes are not to use or possess alcohol privately or publicly while members of a school sports team.
  3. ILLEGAL DRUGS: Student-athletes are not to use or possess illegal drugs privately or publicly while members of a school sports team.

Any violation of the training rules will automatically result in the student-athlete being dismissed from the team for the remainder of the sports season and a loss of any honors, awards, etc. which might be anticipated at the end of the season.


  1. As a student-athlete of the Weedsport Central School District, it is expected that each student-athlete acts in an appropriate manner while also demonstrating good citizenship and sportsmanship at all times both on and off the practice and competitive playing areas. Engaging in conduct outside of the school setting that reflects poor decision-making may have implications for participation on a sports team. This behavior includes, but is not limited to, cooperation with teachers, coaches, fellow students, and community members.
  2. All student-athletes must adhere to the Weedsport Central School District Code of Conduct rules referred to in the Student Handbooks. Such rules are in effect all year and any suspension resulting from a violation of the Code of Conduct rules will take precedence over that which is contained within the Athletic Handbook.
  3. Student-athletes may not commit any unlawful, illegal, or criminal acts.
  4. Any violation of the behavior rules may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the team. A student-athlete who has been dismissed from a team for the violation of behavior rules cannot attend contests for that sport, at any level, for the remainder of the season.
  5. Student-athletes assigned to Restricted Study Hall (RSH), Extended Detention, In-School Suspension (ISS) or Out of School Suspension (OSS) will not be able to attend, practice, or play in an athletic contest on those days. Additional penalties may be applied to the student-athlete that is assigned to RSH, ISS, or OSS based on the severity of the infraction.
  6. Student-athletes who have been disqualified from an athletic contest for unsportsmanlike conduct shall not be permitted to participate in the remainder of the contest and a minimum of one additional contest as per New York State Public High School Athletic Association regulations. The contest(s) is to be the next regularly scheduled contest(s) and may be carried over to the next season. A conference between the student-athlete, coach, and the Athletic Director will take place before the student-athlete is eligible to return.
  7. The act of hazing is forbidden in Weedsport Central School District. According to BOE policy, hazing is a form of harassment among students defined as any intentional or reckless act directed against another for the induction, initiation or membership process in any school sponsored activity, organization, club, or team involving harassment which produces public humiliation, physical or emotional discomfort, bodily injury or public ridicule. Hazing of a student includes soliciting, encouraging, aiding, or engaging in “hazing” behavior as defined pursuant to District policy, regulation and/or law. Hazing is demeaning, abusive and/or illegal behavior that harms victims, and is inconsistent with the educational goals of the District by negatively impacting the school environment. Hazing of a student by another student or group of students is strictly prohibited on school property; in school buildings; on school buses; by school sponsored groups, clubs or teams; and at school sponsored events and/or activities whether occurring on or off-campus. The ban on hazing is not meant to preclude supervised team-building activities which are not harmful to individual students or groups of students.
  8. Any student-athlete who is suspended out of school during the course of the school year will be subject to an athletic eligibility review by the Athletic Director and Building Principal. This review may result in disciplinary action up to and including exclusion from the athletic program for the remainder of the current school year.


  1. EXCUSED ABSENCE: If a student-athlete has an excused absence from school (as outlined in the Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy), except for illness or suspension, that student-athlete may participate in a practice or contest on that day. If a student-athlete has a medical/dental appointment during the regular school day (7:40 a.m.-3:10 p.m.), upon returning to school, he or she must present to the appropriate clerical worker a note from the doctor/dentist office verifying the appointment. The school reserves the right to verify any submitted, written excuse.
  2. UNEXCUSED TARDY: If a student-athlete were to be late in attending school and not be able to produce a legal excuse in accordance with the Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy, he/she would be considered truant and would not be allowed to participate in a practice or contest on that day. In the event of tardiness due to extenuating circumstances, an appeal may be made to the Athletic Director who will consult with the Building Principal prior to a final determination being issued. Please see below for further clarification regarding tardy due to illness and student-athlete eligibility to practice or compete.


  1. If a student-athlete is in school, he or she is expected to be at practices or athletic contests. If the student-athlete misses any part of the school day due to illness, that student-athlete cannot participate in a practice or contest that day.
  2. Student-athletes are to attend ALL practices and ALL contests. NO ONE is excused from practices or contests without the prior permission of his/her coach. Student-athletes are to inform their coach during the first two days of practice if they have a commitment that will affect their attendance at practices or contests during that season and their future participation status for the remainder of the season will be evaluated. Any unexcused absences may result in the student-athlete being disciplined up to and including dismissal from the team. In such instances, permanent removal from the team may occur only after recommendation from the coach and final determination by the Athletic Director and Building Principal.


If a student-athlete wishes to participate in a particular sport, he or she must adhere to the rules of the Athletic Handbook and also to the coach’s rules which are distributed prior to the start of the season and require student-athlete and parent/guardian sign-off prior to participation. Coach’s rules may vary from one sport to another. Violation of the coach’s rules may result in disciplinary action. The disciplinary action includes, but is not limited to, warnings, playing time reductions, contest suspensions, and dismissal from the team for the remainder of the season.


  1. When parents/guardians and student-athletes choose to take their family vacation during a sports season, it must be understood that the time missed by the student-athlete can adversely affect team chemistry and personal conditioning. Student-athletes who miss practices or competition for any reason may be subjected to playing time reductions, contest suspensions, and dismissal from the team for the remainder of the season at the coach’s recommendation. In such instances, permanent removal from the team may occur only after recommendation from the coach and final determination by the Athletic Director and Building Principal.
  2. Due to the unique nature of Spring Recess, which consists of ONLY those vacation days scheduled on the school calendar, it has necessitated a modification in our attendance and participation rules. Absences by the student-athlete during the Spring Recess may result in consequences up to but NOT including dismissal from the team. Further, a student-athlete missing time due to a vacation during Spring Recess may have playing time withheld after their return from vacation due to safety considerations.

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  1. The student-athlete is to wear the uniform issued to him or her in its entirety.
  2. Uniforms and practice apparel are not to be worn outside of practices or contests unless approved in advance by the respective coach. This includes physical education classes and on the street.
  3. All uniforms are to be washed in cold water and dried on a low setting. DO NOT iron uniforms to get wrinkles out. Simply put them in the dryer for a short period of time on a low setting.


  1. The student-athlete is responsible for the uniform, practice apparel, and/or equipment which are issued to him or her regardless of the circumstance. If the issued uniform, practice apparel, and/or equipment are damaged or not returned, the student-athlete will be charged accordingly. If the uniform, practice apparel, and/or equipment are not returned in acceptable condition, or restitution is not made, the student-athlete will not be eligible to participate on future athletic teams.
  2. All uniforms, practice apparel, and/or equipment issued to the student-athlete are to be returned to the appropriate school official at the end of the season or when requested by the Athletic Director or coach.
  3. The school is not permitted under any circumstances to give or sell school uniforms, practice apparel, and/or equipment to anyone.


While understanding the value of promoting team unity and balancing such with putting families in a difficult fiscal position, it is the desire of the District to disallow members of the coaching staff for a sport to initiate, coordinate, or organize the purchase of additional team apparel including, but not limited to, travel/warm-up suits, sweat suits, etc. which is beyond the scope of what is issued by the school. However, the purchase of an additional shirt, for a modest cost, aimed at promoting team unity or highlighting the season could be initiated by members of the coaching staff.

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Parents/guardians and student-athletes should realize that participation in all interscholastic athletics, contact and non-contact, involves a certain amount of risk of injury. By volunteering to participate in a school sponsored athletic activity, a student-athlete and his/her parents/guardians acknowledge the potential risk for physical injury or death to occur.

  1.  It is expected that the student-athlete will report any injury to the coach at once. Failure to do so could result in loss of insurance coverage. Proper treatment as soon as possible is important to the student-athlete’s well being.
  2. Any time that a licensed medical provider examines or treats a student-athlete for an injury or extended illness, the student-athlete must obtain a release from that licensed medical provider stating that he or she can return for participation. Thereafter, the school physician will have to authorize the student-athlete’s return.
  3. If a student-athlete suffers a significant injury (e.g. fracture, stitches, sprains, head injuries etc.) or illness (e.g. mononucleosis, etc.) during the sports season, the sports physical is void and approval for returning to participate in a sport must be issued by the family licensed medical provider. Additionally, final approval to participate in a sport must be issued by the school physician. No student-athlete will be permitted to return to full participation unless the school physician has authorized his/her release. Only the school nurse is authorized to secure the participation approval from the school physician.
  4. If a student-athlete is injured while participating in an interscholastic sport, the date of the licensed medical provider’s release and permission to return to participation terminates benefits for that injury.


The insurance coverage that a student-athlete’s parent/guardian carries on their family is the PRIMARY coverage for the student-athlete. The school insurance coverage for the athlete is provided through the Pupil Benefit Plan, Inc., an insurance plan which covers the student-athlete ONLY after the parents/guardians’ coverage has been exhausted. The Pupil Benefit Plan, Inc., which has a specific maximum amount for specific treatment, is supplemental and may or may not cover the remaining balance of the medical bill.

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In accordance with our overall athletic philosophy and our desire to see as many student-athletes as possible participate in the athletic program while at Weedsport, coaches are encouraged to keep as many student-athletes as they can without affecting or compromising the integrity of their sport. However, consideration of time, space, facilities, individualized instruction, equipment, safety, along with other factors, is necessary in identifying an optimal squad size. Coaches are encouraged to maximize the opportunities for our student-athletes without diluting the quality of their program.

The coaches of the respective sports will determine the minimum and maximum team membership limits in consultation with the Athletic Director. The choice of membership for each athletic team will be determined by the coach of that team. Varsity coaches may be involved in Junior Varsity and Modified team selections. Membership may be reviewed by the Athletic Director or other administrators as appropriate.

All eligible student-athletes will be given the opportunity to tryout. Coaches will evaluate the prospective student-athlete during the tryout period based on their skills, conditioning, level of commitment, and attitude. There will be no preference or priority extended to a student-athlete because of their participation in previous years, grade level standing, or by virtue of or lack of participation in the sports off season program. Illness and injury to a student-athlete during a tryout period will not be held against the student-athlete; however, the coach and Athletic Director will make a fair judgment about time restrictions for tryouts. Parents are not allowed at tryouts.

The student-athlete’s membership on any team is always subject to proper behavior and meeting eligibility standards as outlined in specified school and team guidelines.


The Modified program is designed to offer students in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades the opportunity to engage in a more highly organized competitive experience than what is found in youth programs, but not as involved as those found in Varsity or Junior Varsity interscholastic competition. At this level, the focus is on learning athletic skills, game rules, fundamentals of team play, socio-emotional growth, physiologically appropriate demands of the adolescent body, and healthy competition.

It is not the District’s preference to cut student-athletes at the Modified level. However, if the number of student-athletes trying out for a team creates a situation that is difficult to manage, poses a safety problem, or is problematic because of facility considerations, reducing team size may be necessary. In order for the desired development of the adolescent student-athlete and the team to occur, practice sessions are vital. Generally, practice sessions are planned for five days per week. However, some sports may practice or compete on a six day cycle.

For each contest, all eligible student-athletes will receive playing time, however, equal playing time is never guaranteed nor is it required. Student-athletes may participate in the following sports at the Modified level:

  1.  Football: BOYS (GRADES 7 – 9)
  2. Cross Country: BOYS & GIRLS (GRADES 7 & 8)
  3. Field Hockey: GIRLS (GRADES 7 & 8)
  4. Basketball: BOYS & GIRLS (GRADES 7 & 8)
  5. Volleyball: GIRLS (GRADES 7 & 8)
  6. Swimming & Diving: BOYS (GRADES 7 & 8)
  7. Baseball: BOYS (GRADES 7 – 9)
  8. Softball: GIRLS (GRADES 7 – 9)
  9. Track & Field: BOYS & GIRLS (GRADES 7 & 8)


The Junior Varsity program is intended for those who display the potential of continued development into productive Varsity level performers. Team membership varies according to the structure of each sport, but sophomores and freshmen occupy the majority of the roster positions. In certain situations, juniors who could participate at the Varsity level may be eligible for Junior Varsity participation. Seventh and eighth graders who are determined to be exceptional athletes by satisfying all Athletic Placement Process requirements may also be considered for participation at this level. Decisions related to exceptional athletes are initiated by the coaching staff only and follow the prescribed course of action.

At this level increased emphasis is placed upon elements and strategies of team play, physical conditioning, refinement of fundamental skills and socio-emotional development. The JV program works towards achieving a balance between continued team and player development and striving for victory. The outcome of the contest becomes a consideration at this level.

The realization that practice sessions are important is a premise that is vital to a successful Junior Varsity team and player. Participants at this level are involved in a six-days-a-week commitment which is similar to what is expected at the Varsity level. Additionally, practice sessions are often scheduled during school vacation periods. With the goal of becoming a Varsity athlete clearly in sight, a high level of dedication and commitment is expected at the Junior Varsity level. For each contest, all eligible student-athletes will receive playing time, however, equal playing time is never guaranteed nor is it required. Student-athletes may participate in the following sports at the Junior Varsity level:

  1.  Field Hockey: GIRLS
  2. Basketball: BOYS & GIRLS
  3. Volleyball: GIRLS
  4. Baseball: BOYS
  5. Softball: GIRLS


The Varsity level of interscholastic athletic competition is the culmination of the high school athletic program. Normally, seniors and juniors make up the majority of the roster; however, sophomores and sometimes freshmen may be included who demonstrate evidence of advanced levels of physical development, athletic skill, and the appropriate socio-emotional development. It is also possible for a 7th or 8th grader, who has met the Athletic Placement Process requirements, to be included on a Varsity roster, but that is a rare scenario.

Team play, sportsmanship, individual physical ability, motivation, and attitude are very important aspects of competition at this level. It is vital that each team member has a role and knows its importance. Preparing to win and striving for victory in each contest are worthy goals of a Varsity level team.

A sound attitude and advanced level of skill are prerequisites for a position on the Varsity team as is the realization that a Varsity sport requires a six-days-a-week commitment. The commitment is often extended into vacation periods for all sports seasons. The dedication and commitment needed to have a successful Varsity experience should be taken seriously.

While contest participation over the course of the season is desirable, a specified amount of playing time is never guaranteed. Student-athletes may participate in the following sports at the Varsity level:

  1. Football: BOYS
  2. Cross Country: BOYS & GIRLS
  3. Field Hockey: GIRLS
  4. Volleyball: GIRLS
  5. Basketball: BOYS & GIRLS
  6. Swimming: BOYS
  7. Softball: GIRLS
  8. Baseball: BOYS
  9. Bowling: BOYS & GIRLS
  10. Track & Field: BOYS & GIRLS
  11. Golf: BOYS & GIRLS

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  1. Varsity & JV Field Hockey: August 22
  2. Varsity Cross-Country: August 22
  3. Varsity Football: August 20
  4. Modified Football, Modified Field Hockey and Modified Cross-Country: Sept. 6


  1. Modified Volleyball and Modified Boys’ Basketball: October 26
  2. Varsity and Junior Varsity Sports: November 14
  3. Modified Swimming and Diving: January 11
  4. Modified Girls’ Basketball: January 4


  1. Varsity and Junior Varsity Sports: March 20
  2. Modified Track and Field, Modified Baseball and Modified Softball: April 12

Given the early publication date of the Athletic Handbook, the dates listed above are subject to change. Thus, it is advised that any inquiries regarding specific start dates be directed to the Athletic Director.

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