The Weedsport Central School District, through Board of Education policy, transports all students who live outside the village limits. The village limits, on average, is only a mile or so from either building. Bus routes have been established to accommodate transportation to all students outside the village.

New York State Education Law requires school districts to transport students in grades K-8 if they live beyond two miles from their respective school building. Students in grades 9-12 only need to be transported if they live beyond three miles from the school building. Village kindergarten students are transported, unless they reside in the area which is north of the center of E. Brutus Street, and east of the center of North Seneca Street. The Weedsport Central School District can also establish other stops on the “outskirts of the village,” in which students in grades K-6 can have access to transportation if room is available on the bus.

At this time, the school district has established the following additional stops:

  1. Catholic Church Parking Lot
  2. Bell Street/Horton Street
  3. Liberty Street/South Street
  4. Mechanic Street/Horton Street
  5. Sharon Street/Hooper Street
  6. Oakland Street/Oakland Park/Earl Street
  7. Horton Street/Jefferson Street

These seven stops will only be available for students in grades K-6 for the morning pick up and afternoon drop off. Since space on the bus is limited, priority will be given to grades K-3.

Students should be ready for the bus ten minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time. School bus routes have been arranged so students are waiting at the pickup point at the designated time.

Riding the bus is a privilege and appropriate behavior is expected to ensure a safe ride for the students and the driver. Students will be disciplined for inappropriate and dangerous behaviors. Certain behaviors may result in revoking the privilege of riding the bus.

Jackson Street Parking Time Restrictions

The village has reminded us that parking across the street from the school on Jackson Street is not permitted during the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. when school is in session. Please remember to use the parking areas at the Elementary School.

Parking Stickers

Parking stickers are available for high school students who wish to drive a vehicle to school. Stickers may be obtained by filling out an application that must be signed by a parent. Applications are available in the Jr.-Sr. High School Office.

Idling School Buses on School Grounds

State law requires school districts to take steps to minimize the idling of the engines of school buses and other school vehicles on school grounds. While students are boarding and departing school buses, the engine should be turned off. Students should be instructed about the importance of getting on and off buses in an orderly and efficient fashion to minimize loading and unloading time. Bus engines should also be off while parked at sporting events and other school activities. Exceptions to this “no idling” policy can be made in cases of emergency, mechanical issues or for necessary heating.