Health Office

State Immunization Requirements 

All children who attend school are required by the state to have various immunizations. For up to date immunization requirements, visit the NYS Department of Health’s website.

Children entering or attending school in NYS, including summer school and distance learning, must comply with PHL Section 2164 requirements. Summer school is the start of a new session and as such, students entering summer school will have up to 14 days from the start of summer school to comply. This 14 day period may be extended to 30 days for students transferring from another state or out-of-country.

NYS healthcare providers are taking many steps to safely vaccinate children during COVID-19, including screening patients and caregivers for symptoms of COVID-19 and offering vaccine appointments at separate times of day or in separate locations from appointments with sick patients. We encourage any parents with concerns about bringing their children into the office to talk to their child’s healthcare provider about how they are protecting their patients against COVID-19. If schools become aware of any counties in which students are experiencing COVID-19 related barriers to getting their children vaccinated then we would appreciate it if you would let NYSDOH know so we can look into it.

Student Physicals, Sports Physicals and Dental Certificate Information

Physical examinations are required by NYS Education Law. School nurses and the athletic director have detailed requirements. All students shall have a periodic physical exam by the school physician at district expense, conducted in accordance with all legal requirements. Exams may be conducted by a private physician at the expense of the parent/guardian, using forms provided by the district.

Students participating in school sports must be cleared by the school physician. All private physicals for sports need to be approved by the school physician.

A voluntary dental health certificate is also requested for students entering kindergarten and grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11.


Medication Policy

Learn more about the district’s medication policy.