Counseling Department

Our mission is to foster students’ personal, social, academic, and career development through counseling, individual student planning, and classroom activities. We collaborate with students, families, the community, administration, faculty and staff. We strive to create a safe atmosphere that encourages students to embrace their own and others’ diversity, unique skills, and talents that contribute to our school, community and society.

Our Comprehensive School Counseling Plan

The primary goal of school counseling programs is to promote and enhance student learning through three broad and interrelated areas of student development. Read the entire plan and how it relates to students.

Scholarship Information

A large number of available scholarships circulate through the Counseling Office during the course of a school year. Information on these scholarships can be located in the scholarship folder located in the office. Students are recommended to check the scholarship folder regularly throughout the school year to see when this scholarship information may become available. Learn more about some of the scholarships available to our students.

Rank in Class

Grade point average and rank in class are computed for the first time in junior year (4 semester, unofficial transcript) and again in senior year (six semester, official transcript). A final transcript (demonstrating completion of all graduation requirements) is sent to the college that the student will actually attend. All courses for which a numerical average is recorded are used in the calculation. Class rank is not made public until February of the senior year. The Weedsport High School transcript will indicate both the weighted and unweighted GPA for a student. Rank in class, however, is weighted. When calculating rank, the weighting formula adds 10% to the final average in Advanced Placement (AP) and all college courses.