Budget and Finance

The Weedsport Central School District is committed to offering quality programs to students while being fiscally responsible to taxpayers. District leaders strive to make the most effective use of resources to benefit students and to develop and manage the budget in a responsible and transparent manner. Every year on the third Tuesday in May, people across New York state vote on their local school budgets. Learn more about school budgets in this one-minute video.

2024-2025 Proposed Budget Snapshot

    Understanding New York’s Tax Levy Cap

    When Weedsport voters head to the polls to vote on the school budget each year, they cast votes for a budget plan shaped in part by a law known to many as the Property Tax Cap. Approved by the State Legislature in 2011, this complex law is intended to provide property tax relief. The law does not create a cap, but a threshold that determines the level of voter support needed to pass the budget every year. That threshold is different for every school district in the state. Learn more about the Tax Levy Cap in this video.

    American Rescue Plan Funding