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Alumni Officers

  • President – Tonya Case Martinez ‘93
  • Vice President – David Kinney ‘71
  • Co-Treasurer/Historian – Amy Fults Chirco ‘81
  • Co-Treasurer – Sarah Lewis Folts ’07
  • Secretary – Sheila Sevier O’Connor ‘91

Contact Information

If your address has changed or you haven’t received an invitation, please help us update our mailing list. Please complete the Alumni contact form and mail to the address or email listed below. Thank you for assisting us in updating the alumni database.

Weedsport Alumni Association
PO Box 764
Weedsport, NY 13166


Alumni Contact Submission

Please include your first and last name, maiden name (if applicable), mailing address/PO Box, city, state, zip code, graduation year/class, phone number and email address.

Graduates of Distinction

The Weedsport Central School District Board of Education has established a Graduates of Distinction program to honor Weedsport Central School District graduates for lifetime achievement. Visit our Graduates of Distinction page.

Fine Arts Hall of Fame

The Weedsport CSD and the Weedsport Fine Arts Department have established a Weedsport Performing Arts Hall of Fame. Each year since 1997, we have been honoring graduates (along with some honorary members) at our annual Hall of Fame Concert that takes place every fall. If you would like to nominate someone, fill out this form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why haven’t some alumni been receiving invitations?

We haven’t been notified of their correct address. The Postal Service throws a way any bulk mail that is not 100% correct. The Alumni Association never knows who received our mailing. We do thank all of you who continue to provide us with updated addresses and information for the alumni database.

To update your address, contact us at:  PO Box 764, Weedsport, NY 13166

Why pay dues?

Printing and mailing the Annual Banquet invitations is costly. The dues help take care of this and any additional incidental expenses as necessary. The dues also offset the cost of keeping the alumni directory current. The Treasurer provided a complete accounting statement of expenses and investments each year at the Banquet.

What determines the dinner’s cost?

As the graduating seniors, the Board of Education President, the Administrators, and their spouses are the guests at the Alumni Association, a portion of the price of your meal goes toward to the cost of their dinners.

Do the Alumni Officers have to pay?

Yes, whether they have time to eat or not!

Who chooses the Alumni Scholarship winners? An anonymous committee of teachers and school administrators determine who will receive the Scholarships. The Alumni Officers have no knowledge of who the winners are until the awards are announced at the Banquet. The student recipients must be in attendance that evening to be eligible.

Who chooses the Graduates of Distinction?

The Graduates of Distinction Awards are entirely under the direction and sponsorship of Weedsport’s Board of Education and Administration. The Alumni Association is honored to host the Awards at our Annual Banquet, but we do not determine who receives them. At the 2011 Alumni Banquet, it was decided that the Alumni would sponsor the cost of one Graduate of Distinction per year. This amount includes the cost of two plaques – one for the recipient and one to be on display at the school.

Why is the banquet held at the High School?

The banquet is held at the High School for several reasons. It fosters community spirit and you can see the changes made to the school over the years. It keeps costs down for those who wish to attend. We have researched other options and the price ranges from $25-$35 per person for most local establishments. This cost does not include appetizers, beverages or dessert.

Is there a set date for when the banquet is held every year?

Yes, the banquet is held the Saturday prior to Graduation. It has been on this day for many years.