Located on Exit 40 of the New York State Thruway, the village of Weedsport – once home to a boat turnaround on the old Erie Canal – has a population of about 1,800 people and features a tight-knit community feel. The Weedsport Central School District is an academic and sports hub of the community and has an enrollment of about 850 students. The local community often comes out and lends strong support to school-related events including academic competitions, sporting events and arts/musical performances. Additionally, the district was recognized as one of the safest school districts in Upstate New York according to the school and neighborhood analysis website


Weedsport has a strong tradition of alumni involvement and remains committed to connecting with its graduates. See the Weedsport alumni page.


The Weedsport APT, or Association for Parents and Teachers, holds various events throughout the year. Visit the Weedsport APT page.

Sports Booster Club

The Weedsport Sports Booster Club is a group of parents, staff, alumni, and friends of the Weedsport Jr.-Sr. High School who help support all of our high school sports’ teams by working to raise money to purchase needed supplies and/or capital items beyond that what the school athletic budget can provide.