Nickname and Logo Information


On Thursday, November 17, 2022, every school district across New York State received a memo from the New York State Education Department and the Senior Deputy Commissioner of Education. This memo is specific to the school district’s use of Native American logos, mascots, and names. It stated that districts must commit to replacing their Native American name, logo, and/or imagery by the end of the 2022-23 school year. The memo also indicated that there would be forthcoming Regulations which will “clarify the school districts’ obligations.”

Since that time, we have taken a number of steps to respond to the Commissioner’s memo. This page is meant to provide updates to the community on our response to the memo and forthcoming regulations. Check back regularly for updates to our process.


    Actions to be taken next:
    As we embark on the next step in becoming the Weedsport Wolverines, we invite our community to be part of the conceptual process of designing our new mascot! Feedback and ideas can be submitted to by December 29th, which will be used as inspiration for a new professionally designed logo.

    Please note: All parties sending concepts, written or drawn, agree to transferring creative rights for use by the Weedsport CSD in the logo creation process.


      Committee Criteria
      COLOR SCHEME MATCH: The logo/nickname should complement the school’s colors.

      RECOGNIZABLE: The logo/nickname should be easily recognized and scalable ensuring clarity and legibility at different sizes so that it does not lose its visual impact.

      UNIQUENESS: The logo/nickname should be distinctive and memorable. It should set the school apart from others. It should not be generic or similar to existing logos and nicknames in the area.

      IDENTITY & VALUES: The logo/nickname should convey a positive and inspiring message. Think about what the school stands for and how it wants to be perceived by students, staff, and the wider community.

      RELEVANCE: The logo/nickname should be relevant to the school and community.

      TIMELESSNESS: The logo/nickname should stand the test of time and remain relevant and timeless for many years to come. Avoid logos/nicknames that will become outdated.

      SIMPLICITY: A high quality logo should be simple and easily recognizable. Avoid using overly intricate design/font features that make it difficult to decipher or understand.

      MEMORABILITY: The logo/nickname should be memorable and leave a lasting impression on viewers. It should stand out and be easily identifiable among other logos.

      VERSATILITY: The logo should be adaptable and work well across various mediums and formats such as digital platforms, print materials, uniforms, and signage.

      BALANCE & PROPORTION: The logo’s size and arrangement of different design components should be visually harmonious and pleasing to the eye.