County construction project to wrap up by start of school year

With the start to the 2022-23 school year in sight, we have received another update regarding the county construction project taking place throughout the village of Weedsport. Project leaders tell us that all work should be completed prior to the start of the school year.

This week, paving at the entrance to the Jr.-Sr. High School is expected to wrapA closer look at construction work showing new paving at the entrance to the Jr.-Sr. High School up. Crews are leveling off the pavement and sloping it to the corner to prevent future pooling of water. Once the asphalt cures for 30 days, the crosswalks will be striped. That is expected to happen the final week of August, depending on weather.

The crosswalk leading to the entrance of the Jr.-Sr. High School will also eventually feature new, solar-powered flashing beacons to ensure student safety. Students will be able to press a button which will turn on the beacon system, flashing lights on both sides of the crosswalk so that cars know to stop. It will take a few months for those to be installed.

We will continue to provide the school district community with updates as we learn them.