Board of Education

About the Board

The Weedsport Central School District Board of Education is made up of five unpaid residents elected to serve overlapping terms of five years each. Collectively, the school board members:

  • Establish district policies;
  • Set the priorities and adopt an annual budget for public approval;
  • Determine what courses are offered and what texts are purchased;
  • Set goals for student achievement and evaluate progress toward the goals;
  • Vote on the Superintendent’s recommendations on personnel matters and contracts; and
  • Serve as a critical link between the community and the school with regards to communication.

Moreover, the Board of Education is charged with defining the district’s philosophy and envisioning the future of the district. In totality, the members of the Board of Education are the stewards of the investment that the community makes in preparing the students for enhancing our society. Business meetings are typically held on the first Monday after the first Friday of each month and then two weeks after that. They are held in the Board of Education room at the Junior-Senior High School at 7 p.m. Additional meetings may also be scheduled throughout the year. Community residents are encouraged to attend board meetings.

Board Members

Board of Education member Renee Munn  Renee Munn

Board of Education Member Colleen Borza Colleen Borza 

Board of Education member Wendy Bannister   Wendy Bannister

Board of Education member Norman Chirco  Norman Chirco 

Board of Education member Chad Mitchell  Chad Mitchell

Educational Philosophy

The Board of Education is dedicated to educating students to develop desired moral, ethical, and cultural values, to stimulate and expand a continual learning process, and to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of American citizens, which will enable them to function effectively as independent individuals in a democratic society. The Board believes that each individual should be accepted into the educational program as he or she is and that the educational environment provided will promote positive behavioral changes in the best interests of our students.

The educational programs will provide each child with the fundamental academic skills and basic knowledge required for his/her maximum educational development, the opportunity for each child to develop his/her interests and abilities to the fullest extent according to his/her individual potential, and special services to promote the physical, mental, and emotional development of each child. It is the District’s goal to foster in students good work habits, integrity, self-discipline, good sportsmanship, self-confidence, and a sense of purpose. Extracurricular activities will be offered when possible to enhance the academic program.

The Board encourages parents and teachers to offer their expertise in helping to develop a school environment that is academically challenging, psychologically satisfying and socially fulfilling for students at all levels. The objectives of an educational program are best realized when mutual understanding, cooperation, and effective communications exist among the home, community and school. The Board strongly endorses the following points of view:

  1. A reaffirmation of faith in the American representative processes and in the public school system.
  2. A dedication to seek, employ and retain the best teaching talent available.
  3. A recognition of the school’s legal and moral obligations in the community to manage the schools in a sound and economical manner.
  4. An appreciation of the Board’s responsibility of establishing policies for the schools and maintaining the best possible educational conditions for our students.