Highlighting student work in a music and art showcase

Many changes have been made this school year to keep health and safety in mind, but one thing that has remained constant has been the hard work students have put into creating works of art. To highlight students’ dedication to art and music, the Fine Arts Department has created a Music and Art Showcase video.

“This video is a very new experience and much of it was student-recorded,” said music teacher Alex Veiga. “We believe that this gives them a chance to learn some new skills in an age that relies more heavily on technology.”

It’s a compilation of months of work in the Fine Arts Department. In a normal year, student work would be presented in person. Due to restrictions, changes had to be made this year.

“We hope you enjoy the presentation and make it a family activity like you would have in the past,” said Veiga. “Gather ’round with some popcorn and enjoy the hard work of your children.”

There is more to look forward to in the coming months. The department will be posting a Virtual Mayfest video, as well as a video in June that will serve as the Prism concert.