French II students participate in technology based interdisciplinary unit

The French II students in Melissa Brown’s class at Weedsport Jr.-Sr. High School have been using technology to help them learn adjectives.

They recently did an exercise on describing themselves where they went to the computer lab to work in Adobe Photoshop. The seven students in the class took a selfie, uploaded it to their Google Drive prior to the lesson, and learned the basics of Photoshop with technology teacher, Alicia Flinn.

“The students learned introductory edits in Photoshop, including how to cut themselves out of a picture, how to add text, and how to do photo enhancements,” she said.

The students then manipulated French adjectives that described them around their pictures.

Brown said the project was a unique way to learn essentials of the language.

“Adjectives are so important to learn, and I think the students got a lot out of this project,” she said. “It’s great to get out of the classroom and do these types of activities.”

Forrest Nguyen said he loved the project.

“It’s nice to use Photoshop in school, and this activity made learning those French words a lot easier,” he said.