Weedsport Elementary Halloween parade to be held Friday, Oct. 29

Weedsport Elementary will be hosting a Halloween parade on Friday, October 29th, depending on the weather. The parade will kick off at 1:30 p.m. on the front sidewalk, and families who can’t make it to the event can watch virtually, by following this link. Please see a message below from the elementary principal for all other details.

Dear Families,

In the tradition of celebrating Halloween, Weedsport Elementary School’s parade will be held on Friday, October 29 starting at 1:30 p.m. The parade will take place in the front sidewalk that is shaped like a “D”. Parents can line either side of the walkways. Please allow enough room for the students to walk around the area. Students will exit and then re-enter the school through the main doors. We will start with our pre-k and move up through the grades finishing with fifth grade.

The parade will go on outside so long as it is not pouring rain. If the weather does look bad as we get closer to next Friday, I will send out an email to let families know that we are not having the parade outside due to the weather. Families can watch the parade via live streaming. The link can be found here.

As a school, we are still not allowing volunteers in the building. Before or after the parade, based on class schedules, students may still have parties. Any items sent in must be professional made and individually wrapped. This is less of an issue with Halloween.

If you do want to sign your child out after the parade, we ask that you send in a note that morning or the day before. Then we can compile a list and have your child ready to go. We will have a sign out table outside where we will radio in to have your child come out.

As you assist your child in selecting an appropriate costume for Halloween, we remind families that children are to wear age-appropriate costumes that are in alignment with the Weedsport Central School District dress code as noted in the Code of Conduct. Please have your child refrain from bringing costume accessories such as guns, swords, knives, pitchforks, spears, and other weapon-like accessories to school.

Students should not wear their costume to school. Students should not wear Halloween masks on the bus or at other times except for the parade. Students will not be allowed to wear make-up to school or be allowed to put on make-up before the parade. Please save the face paint for the evening of October 31. Especially this year with COVID restrictions, it is important that your child can put their costume on at their seat in class. We will not be sending students to the bathrooms to change, as that would cause a larger number of students to be in a small space. Please make sure your child has clothes that day that can easily fit with or under their costume.

Also, after Halloween, children may bring in a few pieces of candy with their lunch. They may not bring in their entire bag of candy that they gather over the Halloween evening. And as always, students should not share candy (or food) at lunch as their friends may be allergic to something in the treat.


Timothy H. Cowin, Jr.

Weedsport Elementary School Principal