District will purchase new technology for classrooms

Weedsport Central School District will be purchasing new technology for classrooms as New York State has approved the District’s second Smart School Investment Plan submission. The state’s Smart Schools Bond Act allows funds to be allocated to school districts for the purpose of improving learning and opportunity for students. Weedsport will receive $231,650 for the technology purchase.

With that money, the District plans to purchase interactive whiteboards for classrooms. The new whiteboards will replace aging projectors and/or add new technology into classrooms that are currently without any projectors. These whiteboards allow for further classroom collaboration and productivity, as there is online access to apps and more opportunity for hands-on learning.

The District’s commitment to immersing our students in an environment that best suits the digital-age learner – replete with cutting age technology and less reliance on paper – is expected to broaden with the purchase of these interactive whiteboards.