Weedsport CSD Adds ELA Regents Proficiency to Their List of High-Ranking Regents Scores

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) released Regents results for the 2022-2023 school year in December, and the data indicates that Weedsport Central School District’s English Language Arts (ELA) proficiency surpassed every school district in both Onondaga and Cayuga counties, as well as most surrounding counties from across the state with a 96% passing rate. 

This exceptional news comes on the cusp of a year of overall academic success. Students at Weedsport Central School District (WCSD) are not just excelling in ELA, their students scored high levels of proficiency across the board on all Regents and notably attained 96% proficiency in both Geometry and US History and Government.

Expressing gratitude to the Weedsport community for their continued dedication and support of the district, WCSD Superintendent Gregory M. Stone adds “We are so proud of our Weedsport students, teachers and staff. Weedsport has a rich history of academic excellence which is attributed to our supportive community, exceptional educators and hard-working students. Our mission focuses on preparing our students for the dynamic challenges of our ever-changing world. We recognize the pivotal role that high rates of literacy and comprehension play in shaping successful futures, and we are proud to continually focus our efforts to ensure that every student excels.”

In addition, according to the NYSED annual report card data, Weedsport Junior-Senior High School boasts an outstanding four-year graduation rate of 98%, which is also among the highest in the region. They offer a variety of extracurricular opportunities, have a comprehensive Career and College Readiness initiative and renowned programs in music, art, and athletics.

For more information about the Weedsport Central School district, you can visit their website at www.weedsport.org.