Voters approve 2019-20 Weedsport budget; elect two board members

On May 21, Weedsport Central School District voters approved the district’s $20,961,362 budget for the 2019-20, by 342 yes votes to 102 no votes, elected two Board of Education members, and approved the purchase of one new school bus with 376 yes votes to 68 no votes.

Voters also approved a spending increase for the Weedsport Public Library (345 yes, 97 no).

The passed budget increases spending by $218,607 from 2018-19 and increases the tax levy by 1.99 percent. The budget retains all staff and programs, adds a BOCES literacy coach, increases funding for textbooks for a grades K-8 literacy series, broadens professional development offerings, expands summer learning opportunities, includes additional funding for materials/supplies for science, art, and music, and allows for the opportunity for students to join a newly established interscholastic bowling team.

“We’re very appreciative of everyone in our community who came out and voted today,” said Superintendent Shaun A. O’Connor.

“We feel this budget addresses our current needs, and includes some impactful new opportunities for our students.”

On May 21, voters elected two Board of Education members. Chad Mitchell received 243 votes and will serve a five-year term. Wendy Bannister received 231 votes and will serve a two-year term. Linda Simmons received 226 votes.