Superintendent’s Update: March 27

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Although school is closed, instruction continues and the Weedsport staff continues to serve student needs. Here are the top five things you might have not known.

  1. Instruction continues; virtually: To date we have handed out more than 180 Chromebooks and chargers to students in grades 1-12. Students are actively using the Chromebooks for instruction, and we are able to monitor the use of the devices when students are logged on with their Google accounts, through our Go Guardian software, to ensure safe digital learning.
  2. Students in pre-K and kindergarten received packets of materials from their teachers last week. Teachers have also been connecting with students on-line and providing interactive read alouds as well as other optional on-line activities. Packets should take students through until April 14, but if the closure extends longer, parents will be contacted.
  3. A total of 100% of our core instruction teachers (ELA, Math, SS, Science, and LOTE) in grades 1-12 have set up and are instructing through Google Classroom. Also, Special Education, AIS, ELL, and special area teachers are either providing support, guidance, and assignments through the core instructor’s Google Classroom, or, they have created their own Google Classroom to work with their assigned students, or sent home work. Additionally, teachers are utilizing Google Meet and Zoom to provide recorded and live lessons to their students.
  4. Teachers have also been asked to make contact with 100 percent of their students, especially if the family has no internet access. Teachers have been guiding these students accordingly and have provided them with paper packets as necessary.
  5. Meals are still served. Grab-and-go meals, lunch, and breakfast, have been prepared by our Compass Food Services staff and are made available for pick-up at the cafeteria entrance of the Jr.-Sr. High School at noon each day, Monday through Friday. Weedsport has also been using three district vehicles to deliver meals on Mondays and Wednesdays typically between 9:00 and 11:00 to students throughout the district, and has focused on families that are listed and eligible for free meals. Since we began we have provided 715 breakfasts and 721 lunches for a total of 1,436 meals.


Shaun A. O’Connor

Superintendent of Schools