District extends input from community on new Weedsport logo/nickname

The Weedsport Central School District is keeping its logo/nickname survey open to community members through Tuesday, June 6th at 9 a.m. The District has received many survey responses but wants to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate. In an effort to reach as many District stakeholders as possible, there will now be two ways to submit ideas: 

1. Send an email to logo@weedsport.org detailing your logo/nickname idea and how that idea connects to Weedsport,


2. Follow this link, or scroll down to fill out the survey within Google Forms

The Weedsport Central School District has reached the point where we need choose a new logo/nickname as directed by the New York State Education Department. We are appreciative and understanding of the history that is tied to our logo and nickname and the passion our school community feels toward each. Many of us have deep memories tied to victories and moments of triumph from our student-athletes over the years. This does not change any of the achievements made on various playing fields. However, we have an obligation to follow the decision and we will honor the mandate as written by our state officials.

It is the goal of school officials to deploy an approach that will move our District forward with compliance while employing a positive and unifying process. To that end, our current school body needs to have a voice in this process as we seek to understand how to best represent all of our students moving forward. We value the opinions and feelings of those who call Weedsport home, and the students who currently walk our school hallways need to have a role in how our search for a new logo and nickname moves forward.

While we want our current students to have a significant role in the decision-making process, we intend to offer the opportunity for all stakeholders to have input. This would include alumni as well as school and community members, and, obviously, students who will all have an equal opportunity in the idea submission proceeding.

The structure for arriving at a final decision will involve the following steps:

1. Distribution and submission of a survey open to the past and present Weedsport school stakeholders inviting ideas for a new logo and nickname.

2. Review of student-submitted logo and nickname suggestions by student government organizations representing the student body at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Each representative organization identifies their top 3 choices for further consideration.

3. A steering committee consisting of educational stakeholders – students, faculty, administration, parents, alumni, coaching staff – evaluates the submitted logo and nickname suggestions from alumni and school and community members as well as student choices to identify final options.

4. The Board of Education will make a final determination of the logo and nickname based on the collected input from the steering committee.

It is wholly understood that we will not find a universally accepted choice for a logo and nickname as individual suggestions are delivered with passion and hopefulness. However, through this process it is our District’s ambition to finalize a logo and nickname that represents our school colors of green and white, is linked to our Weedsport community, and offers a unique illustration of the pride our educational stakeholders possess for Weedsport Central School District.