‘Girls Run for Fun’ club focuses on empowerment & self-esteem

Weedsport Elementary is celebrating the start of a new after-school club called ‘Girls Run for Fun.’ The club aims to teach girls social and emotional skills along with helping them improve their physical health. Coaches Sarah Mercier, Mariesa Simon, Margaret Bacon, and Rachel Stowell say the ultimate goal is to empower girls to build self-esteem and other important life skills.

The girls will learn the connection between their physical and social/emotional health during targeted, fun lessons. The conclusion of the program will end with a celebratory run. A community impact project will also be conducted to raise money to donate to the GOTR scholarship for 2022 seniors.

This year, 40 girls in grades 3-5 signed up to participate. They practice twice per-week after school. There are plans to create a ‘Boys Run for Fun’ team in the fall. 

Girls Run for Fun poster