English is required each year in grades 9 through 12. All students pursue the Regents level course sequence and take the Regents exam at the conclusion of English 11. All courses include the development and refinement of writing (composition/grammar), literature, speaking, and listening skills, which vary in emphasis and complexity over the four-year course of study. All students entering 9th grade in September 1996 or after must pass the English Regents Exam to receive a High School Diploma.

ELA 9 - At this level, students are introduced to Regents essay tasks, specifically Tasks I and IV, in preparation for the English 11 Regents Examination. The study of literature involves analyzing short stories, novels, and plays using common literary elements. (1 year, 1 credit)

ELA 10 - This course is taught in conjunction with Global History II, a primary objective of ELA 10 is for students to gain an understanding of historical context within the frame of the novel. The focus of the course is also upper level literary analysis, with and emphasis on the student’s ability to support personal interpretation of text. The tenth grade year is important in connecting the reading process to the writing process in order to successfully prepare for the New York State English Language Arts exam at the end of the 11th grade year.

(1 year, 1 credit)

ELA 11- In this course, students read the literature of American authors. Emphasis of study focuses on the reading process, and its relationship to writing through well-balanced context and development supported statements. In addition to a course final, all students must pass the Regents Comprehensive Examination in English, which is given at the end of the junior year. This exam assesses a student's progress in English and Language Arts from ninth through eleventh grade. This exam is a requirement for graduation. (1 year, 1 credit)

College English 101, 102 -  Depending upon enrollment, College English will be a full year program where students may earn up to 6 units of college credit. The first semester dwells on refining writing skills (composition and research paper) and on expository prose and short stories. The second semester focuses more on the introduction to literature (novel, drama, and poetry). The cost to students is $50.00 per credit hour. Prerequisite: a 90 average in Regents English 11 and teacher recommendation. In order to receive credit, students may not exceed 15 absences each semester. (1 year, 1 credit)

ELA 12 Modern Literature - This course provides the necessary opportunities for students who need further instruction in all basic language arts areas, focusing on skill development in writing and in reading comprehension. Reading of many modern novels is the basis for student discussion and writing. The completion of a MLA-style documented research paper is a course requirement. (1 year, 1 credit)

Communications - Communications is a full-year elective course designed to improve interpersonal and group communication skills. This course is offered to students in grades 11 and 12 and is a good preparation for both college and the workplace. The focuses of the course are written and oral communication. Topics include group, interpersonal, non-verbal communication, and public speaking. (1 year, 1 credit)

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